About TCR

Megan Cole interviews You! Say! Party! in 2007

ThisCityRocks is an online website and video series showcasing music from the entire Pacific Northwest – including Vancouver, BC, Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. TCR is here to help promote up-and-coming new bands from the region, and celebrate the successes of those who “make it”. Through our video series, we strive to take you behind the scenes – from the recording studio to stage center – with the best bands our cities have to offer.

In the beginning…

It’s late 2005, YouTube is embarking on its second year of existence, and the world is starting to embrace words like “vlogging” and “podcasting”. As a professional video producer, Warwick Patterson saw the writing on the wall and wanted to explore the capabilities of online video and distribution.  Always preferring a hands-on approach to learning, Warwick teamed up with media-savvy Megan Cole to produce a show about their mutual passion for Canadian music. In June 2006, the first episode of ThisCityRocks was launched, featuring Vancouver band, The Manvils. Over the course of 13 episodes, TCR caught up with many great Canadian bands, from Mother Mother before they were signed, to a great in-studio chat with Caleb Stull from Parlour Steps, and even wrapping up the series with a Great Lake Swimmers interview on Terry McBride’s office couch at Nettwerk Records. After three years, however, busy work schedules and lives meant ThisCityRocks’ producers needed to put the project on indefinite hiatus.

Back on the front burner…

ThisCityRocks might have been “off air” for a few years, but it was never forgotten by the team involved. Although Megan has been swept away into the world of wine and no longer available to work with TCR, the project includes a new passionate music fan from Seattle in the form of Lisa LeClair. With fresh motivation, a ton more online video production experience, and a renewed modus operandi (changing from Canadian to Pacific Northwest music), we are looking forward to bringing you great homegrown music!

We love local music, and plan to share the best up-and-coming bands with you in a creative, fun way!

Website & Video Production Team:
Lisa LeClair (Seattle Editor)
Warwick Patterson (The Canadian)

Contact us: info@thiscityrocks.com

Pacific Northwest Musicians: If you’re based anywhere between British Columbia and Oregon, we want to hear from you! Send us your news, latest videos, new singles, etc. We do a weekly roundup of news, plus we’ll run feature stories about bigger items of interest. Want to film an episode with us? By all means please get in touch! Let’s do something fun and creative together!

A note for Publicists/PR/Labels: We are always interested in the latest news from the music world, and would love if you would add us to your contact lists. Please keep in mind we ONLY cover music from the Pacific Northwest. We probably won’t run your story about that “next big thing” from Florida who just went into the studio with some famous Producer we’ve never heard of, sorry!