TCR 2011 Mixtape (Lisa’s Picks): Side A

You guys. I made you a mixtape. And let’s get this straight – I’m not saying these are the Best Songs From A Critical Standpoint of 2011 Northwest releases, they’re just favorites that I want to share if you haven’t already discovered them this year. If you wanna get real about it, 2012 has a lot to live up to.

Tune in tomorrow for more songs in case you decide you hate these and need more to choose from!


Gifts and the Raft – The Cave Singers: Get in your car, drive till you’re nowhere near any traffic, then put this song on. “And God bless ya”

Gifts and the Raft by The Cave Singers by Alchemic Noise

In The Sun – My Goodness: I’m not going to explain why you should listen to this one, just do it. [See Also: TCR Episode #15 with My Goodness]

09. In The Sun by MyGoodness

On The Rocks – Grieves: You had a bad day. Grieves did too. Let him commiserate with you.

Grieves – On The Rocks by rhymesayers

Blackout – Pickwick: This band even got a guy who was painted and acting like a statue dancing at Folklife this year. There’s a good reason why.

Blackout by Pickwick

The Words Of The Revelator – Bryan John Appleby: I cannot express how much I love the sound of banjo. Thank you B.J.A. for bringing this song and more banjo into my life.

Tides – Ravenna Woods: This band gives you so much to listen to. I love everywhere this song goes, and if that doesn’t make sense then just listen. [See Also: TCR Episode #14 with Ravenna Woods]

Tides by Ravenna Woods

Complimenting Parts – Campfire OK: If you’ve been recently dumped, maybe skip this one for a month or six. Otherwise, full speed ahead on the love train ya’ll!

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  1. DC
    December 19, 2011 at 7:38 am #

    I especially liked the first two. Keep ’em coming!

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