Photos: Macklemore at Chase Jarvis LIVE

Macklemore performs at Chase Jarvis LIVE (Photo: Warwick Patterson)

Seattle hiphop sensations, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, were guests this week on Chase Jarvis LIVE, an online talk show series hosted by local photographer, Chase Jarvis. The whole video series is full of discussions with influential and successful people about creativity, the creative business, and how to live a life outside of the normal boundaries. Guests have included the likes of Tim Ferris (Author, 4-Hour Workweek); explorer, Mike Horn; and hiphop legend, Sir Mix-a-Lot.

This week’s show featured a great discussion about pushing boundaries, making things happen for yourself, and following your dreams. The first guest was Chryde Abric, founder of French music website and video series, La Blogotheque. If you are a fan of music, you MUST see their series of over 300 Take Away Shows. Chryde tells some great stories of overcoming barriers and grasping opportunities to find himself in amazing situations – like a 5-gig travelling tour with Jeff Buckley!

Ryan Lewis, Macklemore, and Chase Jarvis (Photo: Warwick Patterson

The next guests were familiar to many PNW music lovers – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Their discussion revolved around the creative process, and how you need to be true to yourself and your vision to make things happen. One of our favorite parts was the discussion of how good things happen when you decide to live life. Macklemore’s story of success, losing himself, and coming back from rehab with a renewed focus and commitment is great motivation for anyone who finds themselves lost in where they want to go in life.

After the discussion, Macklemore took to the stage with live instrumentation backing him up – it was a real treat to be in the 40-member audience for this, and we don’t suppose we’ll be getting that close to him again soon, as he heads off on another sold-out tour!

The full replay of the show will be up on the Chase Jarvis LIVE website (and below) for a short period, and then highlights will be posted to YouTube.


Macklemore performs at Chase Jarvis LIVE (Photo: Warwick Patterson)

Chryde & Chase Jarvis chat with the audience. (Photo: Warwick Patterson)

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  1. kelly
    October 27, 2011 at 6:13 pm #

    I was in the audience too; you summed it up perfectly. The creative inspiration onhand between the four of them was off-the-charts.

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