Obligatory Feist Post: Lost Album + Live on Q

MacLeans Magazine in Canada recently ran a story about how Feist has a “lost album” that she supposedly doesn’t want anyone to know about, called Monarchs (Lay Down Your Jeweled Head). Its not available for purchase online and you’ll pay high prices for the ultra-rare physical copies. This was news to me, because I found it online years ago and didn’t realize it was so obscure! With the release of her latest album, Metals, I was reminded of one of my favorite of all Feist songs – It’s Cool to Love Your Family – from Monarchs. I wonder how many people have heard this? Feist has reportedly squashed hopes of any reissue of the album, which is a shame because its a great album and it is interesting to see her progression over the years (and how long it took everyone to catch onto her). Check out the fresh-faced Leslie in this video for “It’s Cool…“.


I’ll refrain from writing a full review of Metals, because I’m sure you’ve heard a minimum of five already, whether you wanted to or not! However, I’ve seen several major reviews of her new album that label it a “breakup” album. This is unfair because it automatically casts it as a sad or depressing album. On the contrary, I think Metals is one of her most beautiful and complex records, with standout tracks like The Bad in Each Other, A Commotion and Graveyard. CBC’s Q recently hosted Feist in the studio and she played Graveyard live. Check it out, and then if you’re one of the four people who haven’t heard it yet, go buy the album!

And before you berate me for covering an artist who’s not from the NorWest, HERE: Feist plays Portland on November 16 (tix), Seattle on November 17 (tix), and Vancouver, BC on November 18 (tix).


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