New Film: Seattle Music – Something In The Water?

The Tripwires (Photo Credit: Jason Pagano)

Remember that time, three days ago, when I mentioned this upcoming PBS documentary? After the nostalgia fades, click on the video below and feel your Pacific Northwest heart swell with pride for 13 full minutes.

It officially airs nationwide after Pearl Jam Twenty on October 21, and features several local acts you probably already know and love (The Head and the Heart, Macklemore, Pickwick). Another focus of the film is the integral part that KEXP and Sup Pop Records play in the music scene here. Here are a few things I learned (or just observed) from this fantastic feature:

  • Veteran KEXP DJ, John Richards, bikes to work at 4:15 am.
  • No video featuring Seattle is really complete without a ferry shot
  • Kevin Cole has the first Fleet Foxes record…a sharpied CD-R version with four songs on it they delivered in 2006
  • We don’t know what the $#@& Stewart at Sup Pop does
  • Kurt Cobain called KEXP an hour after dropping off a single to ask, “Why haven’t you played my song yet?”
  • Conan O’Brien’s beard goes really well with THATH’s appearance on his show
  • I don’t know where Macklemore filmed his interview segment, but there is a picture of the I Can Has Cheezburger? cat behind him. (Hey, that is ALSO SEATTLE RELATED you guys)
  • Isolation from the rest of the country + bad weather + basements = good music.
  • Dance folk pop is the new thing, in case you didn’t know.

See photos, interview with the director, and more at the official homepage here. Watch the full version below:


Watch Something in the Water on PBS. See more from KCTS 9 Documentaries.


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