The Rise and Fall of the Hit

Chris Anderson, Editor at Wired, has written an interesting piece about how the age of the blockbuster hit is fading, and how the internet is changing the media business.  Great read.

Link: Wired 14.07: The Rise and Fall of the Hit.

…But technology didn’t just allow fans to sidestep the cash register. It also offered massive, unprecedented choice in terms of what they could hear. The average file-trading network has more songs than any music store – by a factor of more than 100. Music fans had the opportunity for limitless choice, and they took it. Today, listeners have not only stopped buying as many CDs, they’re also losing their taste for the blockbuster hits that used to bring throngs into record stores on release day. If they have to choose between a packaged act and something new, more and more people are opting for exploration. …

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  1. July 8, 2006 at 7:09 pm #

    Ya, its genius!
    Just met Chris last night at a dinner. Brilliant guy. We talked about Nata village and scourist at length.

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